My Testimonials

See what my students have to say.

I began my driving career by choosing Red Driving School since they had a good reputation in teaching people how to drive to a good standard. I was given my first lesson where I was introduced to my driving instructor Paul. For someone who had limited driving experience like myself, I was a bit worried at first so we began taking things slowly so I could the basics and remain in control of the car every step of the way. Once I was comfortable and I had a good idea I knew what I was doing Paul eased me into the real driving experience which included driving and the dreaded maneuvers.

It turned out to be much easier than expected with the help of my driving instructor who explained, step by step, how to drive and who re-assured me that I was comfortable to do so. As the lessons progressed I really began enjoying my driving lessons and began practising for my final test. My instructor gave me the confidence and helped me to develop my skills on the road and within 8 months I finally passed my test. I would recommend my ex-instructor Paul to all of my friends as he is a good experienced teacher who took his time with me to gain my license. Thanks Paul!


It was a pleasure learning how to drive with Paul. He was always calm, patient and thorough which wholly contributed to me being able to pass my test for the first time. I am now a confident driver and this is down to Paul's teaching methods. I would highly recommend Paul to anyone wishing to learn how to drive.


I want to say a big thank you to Paul Fairweather for helping me to get my license. He was always very calm, patient and thorough. He gave me the confidence and skills to drive safely. The lessons were done in a relaxed atmosphere which helped me not to stress. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you for all of your help Paul!


I started my lessons with Paul in June of 2010 having had a huge knock in confidence from another instructor and stopping lessons for more than 4 years. Paul is such a kind, considerate and patient instructor. From the first lesson, Paul saw how nervous I was and managed to put me straight at ease. He built my confidence right up and kept me calm under pressure. Even when I was having a bad day and making silly mistakes Paul would always make me feel better and reassure me that I could do it! There was never any negativity in the car and the word CAN'T was a huge no-no! He made the whole learning to driving experience such a pleasant one. Since passing my test in January 2011, my life is 100% easier. I like to think that I am a good driver, and I only have Paul to thank for of it! Paul really is a very brilliant guy and a very brilliant instructor! I would (and have) recommended him to everyone!


I have had some driving lessons previously, but moved cities before I had a chance to take my test. Paul took the time to assess my abilities and tailor a plan to get me back up to my previous level, and on to complete the test. The amount of time he estimated for this was spot on and I passed the first time. Thanks so much Paul!


I have taken Paul's driving classes and I can say that the classes and Paul as a person are fantastic. He has an eye for detail and can clearly point out the constant mistakes and good techniques associated with the learner. He has a tremendous amount of patience and will work with his pupil to put them in the best possible shape. I have taken driving classes before, but with Paul, I have learnt the actual process of conditioning the mind to drive well and get the perfection.


Sailesh with pass certificate